1200 degrees Mixxbosses with DJ D

1200 Degrees EP76 plus 1200 Twelves EP30 ft Jaybreaks Nonstop (AU) with your host DJ D

February 10, 2021

On this weeks episode of 1200 Twelves we hit mix #30 coming to us from the AU mixed by Jaybreaks Nonstop in the second hour, with yours truly DJ D in the mix for the first hour hittin 7"/45 records 12" vinyl/wax & DVS for EP75 of 1200 Degrees

Our guest Jaybreaks Nonstop says: "This mix encapsulates the sounds of an era that started in the early '70s. By the late 70s Disco and Funk merged and branched off to form new genres. The evolution of dance music had begun and block parties had a lot to do with it. These are tunes from that era that show the musical diversity from different parts of the States at that time."

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